Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment

Alburhan has the best experts in Foreign Investment field, and had established more than 100 foreign companies through our experts. We can assist you on starting your investment in Saudi Arabia by obtaining a memorandum of association (MoA) documented in a licensed Notary Public, that is licensed by Ministry of Investment (MISA), and a commercial register (CR) and an Investment License.


Preparing the Memorandum of Association (MoA) for your partnership. The MoA must comply with all legal requirements and accurately reflect the partners’ agreements and will be happy to help you to draft the MoA according to your partnership agreement and ensure it aligns with the legal requirements.

More specific requirements for your MoA may vary depending on your business and chosen legal form such as:

  1. Specific legal requirements based on your chosen business form and activities.
  2. Tax implications and legal considerations for foreign partners.
  3. Dispute resolution mechanisms and enforceability of MoA provisions.

Info needed for the MoA: 

  1. Partner details
  2. Business details
  3. Management structure
  4. Capital and finances
  5. Term and dissolution

Notarization: A licensed Notary Public to present your MoA along with required documents (usually including IDs and proof of residency of partners).

The notary will verify your identities and witness the signing of the MoA.

Commercial Register (CR): 

With the notarized MoA, we proceed to register your company with the MoC by submitting the required documents including the MoA.

Investment License: 

Considering the government fees and required documents:


  1. The government fees for an investment license are 2000 riyals per year.
  2. This fee typically covers the initial license issuance and annual license renewal.
  3. Depending on the specific activity and size of your investment, there might be additional fees associated with specific permits or approvals.

Required Documents: 

  1. CR for the foreign company.
  2. Financial statements of the last financial year of the foreign company.
  3. Additional documents may be required.

For a successful process we need our clints to ensure all documents are properly translated and attested as needed.


  1.  We will create an account on the Ministry of Investment platform to access e-services.
  2.  We will fill out the online application form and upload all required documents, fee can be paid electronically through the platform, then the Ministry of Investment will review your application and may request additional information if necessary, and if your application is approved; will receive your investment license electronically.

 Alburhan Services:

We can provide you with the following services:

  1. Advisory meetings which are legal consultation sessions to discuss your company establishment in detail.
  2. Legal due diligences that comes with one consultation session.
  3.  Company establishment.
  4. Investment License.