Investor Legal Memo

Service Description 1.       Alburhan provides the Investor with one of the best counsels in Investment Law to meet and get a full and clear understanding of the Investor’s current capabilities.

2.       The team will write the Legal Memo which includes significant answers and recommendations.

3.       The Counsel will meet the Investor again for 1 hour to answer all questions and clarify the Legal Memo and other Q&A instantly.

Requirements –          CR of the mother company (if there)

–          Passport of the investor

–          KYC

–          Singed Engagement Letter.

Bank receipt for the service fee to Alburhan Law Firm

Conditions –          The meeting must be during the period and should not exceed 1 hour or 2 meetings.

–          The Decision Maker of you is to be attended all meetings.

Stage Consultation before establishment
Period 7 working days.
Fee Ask for it NOW