About us

About us

11 experience years

Alburhan is a Saudi professional company to provide legal services in accordance with international standards and practices and our core values

Alburhan was started in 2009, then was established as a company in 2018.

In Alburhan, we were keen to devise modern, effective, and authentic legal strategies to reduce reliance on the common traditional methods of law firm work, which distinguishes our services as high quality and added value. With what we seek to form continuous and lasting relationships with our customers to ensure privacy, confidentiality and commitment at all stages.

Alburhan includes a distinguished Saudi team with a diversity of expertise and alliances with the best international legal expertise houses. To build a long-term strategic relationship crowned with trust and success.

Why we think you should appoint us as legal advisor?

Responsive to your needs

We have local resource with the strength and technical ability to promptly respond to your needs. Your proposed lead partner Saeed Algarni will maintain an overview of your affairs and be responsible for ensuring all your requirements are met. Our technical expertise and knowledge of the Saudi Arabian market will enable us to meet your demands and challenges.

Deep legal expertise

We have a team of qualified legal experts, with accumulated exhaustive legal expertise through their work with the Council of Ministers and other major government agencies and private sector companies, and acquired the ability to provide specialized legal advice in various legal fields. Alburhan enjoys unique legal knowledge and unparalleled legislative expertise.


. The service provision policy – in Article 57 of the Evidence Policies – is based on the Plan-do-check-act quality department, which is based on the global standards in ISO9001


We guarantee the legal integrity of the service outputs provided to you, And we are responsible for that


All employees of the company are committed to the privacy and security policy of Alburhan

Comprehensive fee structure

We understand that price certainty is important to you, and so we have proposed fixed prices against the proposed scope of work. Due to our work on similar projects, we are confident that the fixed priced will enable us to carry out the services in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

Strong local presence

Alburhan Law Firm embedded local knowledge of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a proven track record of servicing major government agencies, with more than 16 legal advisers permanently present on the ground. most of our lawyers are licensed.


We assign a Relationship Officer to effectively communicate with you in addition to the competent attorney


We represent in our administrative development the cumulative continuous development approach according to the management Kaizen methodology


Our team is used to working smart to provide legal solutions to complex “Think smarter not harder” issues.